Divine Comedy – Illustrations

Throughout time, many artists took up the daunting task of illutrating the “Divine Comedy”. The “Commedia”, as it was originally titled in Italian, is of course the most famous work written by Dante Alighieri but this unique poem proved significant in so many ways that it always remained an unending source of literary and artistic inspiration.

The most famous of these artists was most certainly Sandro Botticelli, though he left his work unfinished, but he overshadowed other notable figures such as William Blake or Salvador Dalí.

Illustration by Sandro Botticelli depicting Dante and Beatrice as they travel through the Spheres of Heaven


Illustration by William Blake: “Lucia Carrying Dante in His Sleep”


Illustration by William Blake: “Dante and Beatrice in the Constellation of Gemini and the Sphere of Flame”

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