About Us

We created this “Science of Sophia” website to help form and nurture a community and to share content, where culture and beauty, sciences and arts are intertwined.

It is conceived as a place where you can find inspiration, deep reflexion, analysis and useful insights on the world we live in.

We will provide thematic series with illustrations and detailed information so it can become a resource network, able to support new cultural projects.

Additionally, we have created a Salon section to pay tribute to the literary salons that played such an historical role into developing the Arts and Sciences, particulary in the XVIII-XIX century. There, you will find books reviews as well as music and poetry we would like to share with you and use to start a conversation.

You can also find us on different plateforms, the main one being Facebook  where we publish the most frequently.

–  facebook.com/scienceofsophia

–  instagram.com/scienceofsophia

–  twitter.com/scienceofsophia

For the moment the website is primarily written in English but we are working on providing other versions with different languages. You will also discover articles and ressources that include translations in French and German.

We evolve constantly so do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and advice.

If you want to contact us: scienceofsophia@gmail.com

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